3 of the Best Insurance Marketing Tips Available

Insurance Marketing

Why is insurance marketing so relevant? Mainly because there is so much competition and it is easier for people to find insurance solutions via the web. It’s important that your efforts be exemplary of other agencies so that you don’t end up mid-pack chasing the leaders of your industry.

Marketing plans are everywhere and everyone uses ideas and suggestions they believe best fit the mold of their organization. It’s up to you to filter through the different channels, as well as try to come up with new angles that others may not have considered. We’ll list three of the more interesting (and useful) tips we’ve come across that will hopefully enhance your return on investment (ROI) in the direction you are most comfortable with.

Ways to increase your ROI

1. Local networking events

Networking events can be fun, and are often full of salespeople, so it will be important to focus on how you can be different, as well as help those you come into contact with Chambers of commerce and professional organizations host networking events constantly, so you should signup for their email newsletters and pay attention to when these events are taking place. Make as many connections as possible and follow up with those who can assist your insurance marketing strategy with referrals.

2. Facebook advertising

Those sponsored stories in your Facebook newsfeed (or the ads on the right hand side), when done properly, could provide the desired result for your agency. However, it’s also easy to waste a lot of time and money using the wrong messaging or, as in many cases, by targeting the wrong groups of people. For those agents that don’t feel comfortable, or creative enough, to effectively do this on your own, consider hiring a social media-marketing expert who specializes in insurance agencies.

3. Ask clients to add you to their cell phone

Explain to them that, if they don’t already have it in their mobile phone, they should add your agency phone number in case they have a claim or billing question. That way, they’ll be walking around with your contact info everywhere they go, and if someone should ask them about insurance it will be easier for them to refer you, and referrals should be considered one of your most important insurance marketing strategies.

If these three tips aren’t already in your arsenal of insurance marketing tools, then by all means, put them to work for you and see if you garner the type of results you would’ve hoped for.


photo credit: smile! (license)