3 Reasons Yacht Insurance is Necessary

California yacht insurance

People that own yachts are often passionate about water, marine life, and boating. They love the sun reflection off the crashing waves and the soothing noise of the water lapping against the hull. What they may not love is the short yearly season spent on the water. Just as it begins, it is over. For this reason, many west coast boat owners ask if California yacht insurance is really necessary. Here are three reasons you should have it.

Property Protection

Sometimes referred to as “terrestrial liability”, you may purchase insurance coverage that protects against the property damage, including the following:

  • Physical damage
  • Theft
  • Vandalism
  • Fire
  • Flood
  • Personal property

Legal Requirement

Depending upon local laws, insurance may be required by neighboring marinas and docking facilities. It is sometimes also required by clubs and associations.

Litigation Defense

If you have a party on the yacht and someone gets hurt, the result is probably going to be a lawsuit. A lawsuit can become very costly very quickly. Insurance may help you sleep better at night by giving you peace of mind against personal injury liability.

Invisible Shield

Protection is the best defense against the unknown. What better protection can you find than California Yacht insurance? The invisible shield of insurance can help secure your peace of mind.