Aggressive Dog Breeds

Florida Pet Health Insurance

They are called “man’s best friend”, but dogs have the capability to injure and potentially kill people under certain circumstances. Some canines may become belligerent if mistreated and provoked, while others that are in-breed can be born with a predisposition to aggression. There are some breeds more prone to threatening behavior and it is probably advisable for people to avoid purchasing them. Even if you think you have a mild mannered canine, purchasing Florida pet health insurance protects you if your dog attacks someone.

Big Dogs

Big dogs are often considered the greatest threat to people due to their size and strength. Great Danes can grow to 200 pounds and be very dangerous if not properly trained. Another more hostile breed is Boxers. They are descendants of hunting dogs and sometimes trained as guard dogs.

Small Dogs

Smalls dogs should never be underestimated in their ability to harm people. Bull Terriers are and very strong and tenacious. Even if they don’t appear combative, Bull Terriers can be very aggressive towards strangers. Cocker Spaniels that are not well-socialized when young can be dangerous and have a tendency to be overly protective of their territory and owners.

Dogs can make wonderful pets, but even seemingly gentle ones can be unpredictable. Avoiding breeds that are known for their aggressive behavior can be wise. Owning Florida pet health insurance can safeguard owners from dog bite liabilities.