Budgets, Branding and Successful Internet Marketing

Budgets, Branding and Successful Internet Marketing

While online Internet marketing can remain within a proposed budget amount, the art of maintaining a successful online presence can, over time, add up. Use these tips on how to market an insurance agency online using a limited budget.


In any marketing campaign, in order to be successful it helps to know who the audience is. Most agencies are targeting a specific geographic area. They need to ask themselves, does this area have new families or retirees? Are there a lot of homeowners or renters that could benefit from the services being offered? Start by asking customers about their communication preferences. Only then can the agency identify online marketing channels to focus on, like Facebook and Twitter for starters.


Set goals and modify these as needed


It helps to know what the agency expects to accomplish with their online marketing. By setting goals, it makes it much easier to track success. Once the first set of goals is reached, modify them so that the agency continues to prosper from its efforts.


Establishing a budget is also crucial


Make a marketing budget and identify how much the company wants to spend on a website; this should include things like maintenance and content updates, search engine optimization, email marketing and social media. Consider doing pay-per-click advertising, which can be another good avenue to take. However, the highest rates of success generally come from focusing on search engine optimization, as the return on investment is usually much higher than pay-per-click advertising.


Internet marketing requires continuous attention and effort, which can be quite straining on a limited budget, so identify those tactics that can be reasonably handled in-house, and hire experts to help with the other more difficult and time-consuming options.


Identifying the company brand


This is key to what makes the agency different. Why does someone choose one agency over another? Many prefer an agency that comes off as more professional. Some prefer a more laid back approach. These are the types of things to consider to help identify the company’s brand as they will help with a number of concerns, including how the website looks and what is shared on social media. Remember, once the brand is established, all that is left to consider regarding branding is being consistent and sticking to brand values.


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