Why Business Interruption Insurance Is Essential for Your Manufacturing Business

insurance for manufacturers

Business interruption insurance for manufacturers can cover your business should it face a disaster or outage. If your company loses income because the business needs to close or rebuild after a disaster, business interruption insurance will compensate your company for the financial losses so your business can reopen as quickly as possible. Property insurance only covers damage to the physical property and does not cover time or products lost due to interruption of the company. Hurricane, flood, and earthquake insurance are not covered by business interruption insurance and you might need separate coverage in your policy for those types of disasters.

There are several types of coverage which business interruption insurance might cover, such as profits, operating expenses, use of a temporary location, commissions, and training. It may also cover extra expenses normally faced by your company or encountered during repair. Business interruption insurance can also cover losses from your business being closed by the government due to major events or a mandated curfew. The coverage time for business interruption insurance usually begins on the date of the disaster and goes until the business resumes normal operations. A qualified insurance agent can help you develop a comprehensive policy with business interruption insurance for manufacturers to fit the needs of your business.