Carrying Earthquake Insurance in the Garden State

While many Americans associate earthquakes with California and parts of the West Coast, many areas of the country — including New Jersey — are actually fairly seismically active. While hurricanes and other severe weather are frequently considered more threatening in the Garden State, many small earthquakes affect the state annually, and given the state’s population density, do have potential to instigate major damage. For this reason, it is worth considering carrying earthquake insurance in New Jersey.

Why Carry Earthquake Insurance?

Earthquake insurance is not covered under a typical homeowner’s policy — meaning that it must be added on to existing coverage, or established as a separate policy, if deemed necessary.

Many factors can affect whether it is useful to carry earthquake insurance in New Jersey, including the following:

  • Manner of home construction: a brick or stone building may differ in structural soundness from a wood-framed one
  • Type of soil or fill beneath the home may affect home stability
  • Proximity to tall trees or water
  • Age of a home
  • Height of a given building

These and other factors can be reviewed by a qualified insurer, in order to help determine whether earthquake insurance is appropriate for you. Ultimately, determining whether coverage is necessary will offer distinct peace of mind and financial security.