Causes of Canine Territorial Behavior

Dog bite insurance

Herding and guard dog breeds were developed in order to display territorial behavior as part of their jobs. In fact, the territorial and protective instinct is inherent in all dogs. That is why liability insurance for dogs is a coverage to consider. Sometimes a dog may be excessively territorial, resulting in excessive barking, lunging, and biting. Here are some possible causes of excessive territorial behavior.


Interfering with a dog’s activities, whether unintentionally or not, may trigger territorial behavior. One prominent example is feeding time. If someone blocks a dog’s access to her food, she will become irate at the very least. Interrupting a dog’s nap time may also prompt a dog to defend her personal space.


If a dog feels that a stranger may come onto the property and possibly hurt his family, he will become aggressive. The same may go for any of the dog’s possessions, such as his bed and toys. A doorbell sounding may trigger a territorial response as well.


If a dog has had past success getting what she wants through aggressive behavior, she is likely to do it again. Even if a dog is very loving to her family, she can still become aggressive and territorial toward others. Not all homeowner’s policies cover dog aggression so liability insurance for dogs may be necessary to comply with laws and to have peace of mind.