Commercial Liability Insurance: A Crash Course

Commercial Liability Insurance: A Crash Course

As a business owner, you pride yourself on being an authority in a given area. That area may not be insurance, however, but that doesn’t make your insurance needs – or your understanding of them – any less essential. Before your shop for commercial liability insurance in Orlando, here’s what you need to know to make sure you’re purchasing the right policy for your needs.

What Areas Does General Commercial Liability Insurance Cover?

Commercial liability insurance in Orlando is designed to protect your lifeblood and livelihood in case an unfortunate event occurs that may otherwise completely drain you financially. Typically, this type of coverage protects your business in the event that:

  • Someone suffers bodily injury on your property or somewhere for which you’re responsible as a business owner
  • Damage to another’s property occurs for which you could be held liable
  • Your advertisements are determined to be misleading or entirely false
  • Your company needs protection against libel, slander or other areas related to personal injury

Because broad variation exists among commercial liability insurance policies, be sure to be clear with your insurance agent about the exact nature of your business, and don’t hesitate to ask additional questions if you remain unclear about exactly what a particular policy entails. Insurance is designed to protect, but you have to have a solid policy in place in order for it to do so.