Common Hazards and Newport Beach Boat Insurance

Newport beach boat insurance

Even though it is winter now, we experience pretty good weather year-round in Southern California, so you will often see a few boats out on the coastal waters. One thing that is vital to a successful time when boating is being safe and being prepared. Here are some things to consider before you ever leave the dock, and it makes a big difference when you carry Newport beach boat insurance for times when issues develop.

Emergency contact is crucial

In the event that you have a problem, will you be able to alert authorities? Cell phone coverage is often limited when you’re out in the middle of the ocean. So do not rely on your cell phone should a boating emergency arise. Each and every time you go boating you should file a float plan with someone you trust. That way, if you haven’t returned in a reasonable amount of time they can let the coast guard or other entity know that you may be having issues. You should also ensure that you have a functioning radio as well as working navigational equipment.

Running aground is a common hazard experienced by even the best captains. There may be rocks or sandbars and some waterways are often pretty shallow, especially when the tide is out. This can be a concern even if you stay well within any navigational markers. Whenever you are boating you need to be watchful and may even want to rely on a depth finder and up-to-date nautical charts.

In the event that you do run aground, there’s a good possibility that passengers on your boat could be injured as a result. In addition, you could damage your boat, or you could be fined if marine officials see that you are at fault for any damage to public or private property is incurred. Every boat should have a personal flotation device for every passenger, a fully stocked first aid kit, emergency supplies, and a functioning radio. The idea is to have a good time, keep everyone safe, and get back to shore without issue. But in the event that something does go wrong, Newport beach boat insurance can help get you back up and maneuvering the waterways in no time.