Cybersecurity is Crucial

Most people are aware of how necessary good cybersecurity is for businesses. We don’t often think, however, of all the kinds of businesses which require that type of high-quality security. Consider all the places in which you might use your credit card. Each of those businesses represents a potential weak link in which your data might be compromised. That’s why cybersecurity for marinas, jewelry stores and other places where the customer has utilized a form of electronic payment is vital.

Human Input

In terms of potential information leaks, the people who work for the company which takes your electronic payment are a prime way for your data to be compromised. Companies mitigate the factor for human error by:

  • Performing background checks, credit checks and drug tests on employees.
  • Training employees on all crucial electronic systems.
  • Having a plan to minimize client exposure in the event a breach occurs.
  • Carrying the correct kind and amount of cybersecurity insurance.


Most cybersecurity programs have similar basics. They address the holes in the existing systems the business is using. They also usually suggest ways of increasing security in the event of hacks. Many reputable cybersecurity companies also help develop and deploy a disaster recovery plan in the event of a breach.

As our use of electronic data rises, so does the need to protect that information.