Dishonest Employees: A Concern for Temporary Staffing Companies

temporary staffing

Temporary staffing agencies have in huge demand for some time now. Having qualified applicants is a good way to create a pool of temporary workers that are able to step in and fill a void for the types of companies that find staffing agencies a useful tool. They provide a tremendous service by filling positions, for anywhere from a day to a couple of weeks or longer, while a permanent employee is out due to illness or on vacation.

Positions may be required for even longer stretches to fill in for employees on sabbatical, taking training courses, or on maternity leave, where the employee intends on returning, after a long absence from the job, and the company is trying to preserve the position without losing out on productivity.

The key to success in maintaining a large talent pool

A temp agency often does well by maintaining a large enough talent pool to serve the staffing needs of its particular demographic area. The types of temp positions have evolved from the need for basic, easy to place positions, such as clerks or office support staff, to more highly trained or educated professionals, including physicians, accountants and computer programmers. But how do you determine if they have the necessary skills for the position they seek?

A temp agency must put these candidates to the test. This means studying and understanding the current staffing needs to both recruit and retain appropriate temp workers. Businesses seek the help of their staffing partners, so they in turn must facilitate by also expanding their talent base to ensure that the person they place has the necessary experience to perform the job at hand.

Applicant dishonesty is a major concern

The most successful temporary staffing agencies take the time and expense of adequately screening candidates. This is perhaps the most important step in maintaining qualified individuals who are trustworthy, in order to assure potential employers and clients that the people coming from the agency are competent and can step in without the need for much training in order to get the job done.

But there is always the possibility that some applicants, desperate for work, may lie about certain skills and experience, hoping to put them on a higher pay scale or on the top of the talent pool list. Temp agencies must confirm those skills and experience before placing these candidates. Previous employers should be called to validate work history, which is a time-consuming process that is easily overlooked in times of extreme demand.