Documentation and Attorneys Professional Liability Insurance

Documentation and Attorneys Professional Liability Insurance

While the job of a good lawyer is to protect the interests of his or her clients at all times, a claim related to professional liability issues can sometimes arise. Even when an attorney does everything correctly, they can’t always be certain that the results will satisfy their client to the fullest. Even a seemingly small issue can be enough for their client to charge them with negligence, and Attorneys Professional Liability Insurance offers the added protection they’re going to need when allegations are made.

Errors and omissions claims can be difficult to defend. They can also be costly, depending on the length of the trial, because not only will you incur legal fees, but you’ll also be losing out on time representing other clients. Documentation is one of the keys to a good defense since it demonstrates your ability to keep good records of everything that has occurred between you and your client and can greatly help your case during the litigation process.

Minimizing risk reduces the possibility of a claim

Anyone that provides professional services needs to minimize their risks, and this is especially true for lawyers. Many claims filed against attorneys have to do with client satisfaction, unmet expectations, and not providing said client with enough time due to having an extensive workload. Failing to document telephone calls, cancelling in-person meetings, or failing to respond to email communications often plays a part in claims being filed.

Unfortunately, due to poor communications things can quickly turn bad, and once a client expresses concern, this is usually where problems begin. The job of an attorney can be difficult, and what may satisfy the needs of one client may not satisfy the needs of another one. By properly documenting all events (for example, being able to refer back to an email that you sent), as well as making sure to provide the client with a copy of it, can be favorable evidence when defending against a claim.

Attorneys Professional Liability Insurance is a safeguard for times when a client, whether or not their claim is valid, decides to take legal action against you for services they claim you did not provide, or did not provide to their satisfaction.