Dog Liability Insurance Quotes For Pet Owners

dog liability insurance quotes

As a dog owner you are automatically exposed to possible liability for dog bites, as well as other canine-inflicted injuries that may occur. Dogs bite around 4.5 million people in the US every year, with children, unfortunately, being the victims of many of the most serious attacks.

This amounts to annual losses exceeding $1 billion dollars annually. In many of the cases reported, the dog owner’s own relatives, friends and neighbors wind up as the most likely victims of a possible dog attack. Owners seeking dog liability insurance quotes, and obtaining dog bite coverage for their pets, means that they are taking proper steps to protect the people who are closest to them, as well as the general public. This equates to protecting their own interests as well, since any resulting injuries could be quite costly.

Many home and renters policies contain exclusions to dog bites

Unfortunately, there currently is no law that requires homeowners and renters insurance policies to provide coverage for injuries, damages and losses inflicted by dogs. This means that many dog owners who may think they have coverage for such instances may find that their homeowners and renters policies exclude injuries caused by their dog. Some policies are written so that they exclude injuries caused by certain breeds of dog.

Dangerous dogs excluded due to higher risk

Some insurance companies have expressed concerns in selling homeowners insurance to the owners of certain breeds of dogs, such as pit bulls, Rottweilers, Akitas and Chow-Chows, to name a few. That’s because they have a reputation for biting and aggressive behavior. Furthermore, there are policies that provide inadequate coverage, which is why pet owners need to do research and due diligence when shopping for the proper coverage for their individual situations.

Traditionally, the minimum limit for personal liability coverage has been $100,000. But, a limit of $300,000 is often more appropriate due to rising medical costs. If for example, your household contains a large or medium sized dog, you might be better off with a higher limit of protection.

No dog owner should purchase a homeowner policy or renter’s policy that excludes canine-inflicted injuries unless he or she also purchases a supplemental dog bite liability policy that covers them in the event of anyone being injured by their pet. Get dog liability insurance quotes from an agent so you can make an informed decision.