The Ever-changing Landscape of Claims Management

Workers Claims Management

With workers compensation claims on the rise, state governments and insurance companies are scrambling to find a balance between a worker’s rights and an insurer’s rights. Your clients rely on you to find them the most affordable policies for their clients’ needs, alongside workers claims management to help them weed out employees who try to take “paid” vacations.

Don’t Stop at the Policy

The policy isn’t all that matters. As an insurance broker, you seek more than just a great deal. You’re the middleperson, and you need to ensure that the wholesaler with whom you work can address all of your clients’ needs, including workers compensation coverage for high-risk employees. This coverage is hard to find, which makes it a lucrative market for your agency.

Why Proper Management Is Important

This isn’t your only concern, however. On the East Coast, New Jersey and New York are embroiled in legislative changes to workers compensation systems, which complicates the claims management process. You’re the agent. Your job is to find the policy; it’s the policy issuers job to understand the legal mumbo-jumbo.

A wholesaler that offers workers claims management helps you and your client. By providing educational programs designed to turn your clients into worker’s compensation whizzes, you’ve just brokered the perfect insurance policy and know-how to go along with it, which, in turn, increases your client base.