Have You Been a Victim of a Cyber Attack? 4 Things To Watch Out For

Today’s businesses operate tremendous digital assets that are often vulnerable to cyber attacks. The frequent headlines about major crimes ensure that people are aware of the problem. However, cybercriminals aren’t always as obvious as the instances that make headlines. Would you know if someone breached your system with a cyber attack? Here are four signs your systems may have been compromised.

1. Network Slowdowns

Cyber attacks can cause excessive amounts of traffic on compromised networks. This results in slower than normal speeds which are often one of the first signs your network has been attacked.

2. Suspicious Log-Ins

An unusual number of log-ins from unusual locations or unauthorized users can be an indication that someone is accessing your information. It is a good idea to have IT track who is using your network to monitor for this type of activity.

3. Unplanned Emails

Another common sign of cyber crimes is a sudden burst of emails originating from your system. These blasts use your contacts to gain access to other computers.

4. Frequent Pop-Ups

There are a few other obvious signs that malware or spyware has been installed on a system. A sudden increase in popups or ads is usually a warning that you should scan for problems.

A large part of business security in the digital age is securing online assets and computer networks. Knowing how to identify a business cyber attack can help you spot trouble early so you can minimize damage and better control cyber threats.