Does Your Homeowner’s Cover Your Injuries?

homeowner’s insurance in Connecticut

Most people aren’t thinking about accidents to their family or guests when they purchase homeowner’s insurance in Connecticut. If a person is injured on your property, are you expecting your insurance company to cover their medical bills? The answer is complex. It depends on who is injured.

When a guest on your property is injured, your homeowner’s insurance will probably step in. This largely depends on the policy and amount of coverage that you specifically have. Some policies have a no-fault clause which gives protection up to a certain amount, like $5,000, without having to tap into your liability coverage.

If you or a member of your family who lives with you is injured, you will most likely have to ask your health insurance to cover the expenses. Generally, homeowner’s insurance in Connecticut will not cover family medical bills.

Talk to your insurance company about what your homeowner’s insurance covers and what it doesn’t. You do not want to be surprised that you are not protected in the event someone falls off the trampoline. Many times, you need additional coverage for special equipment, like a pool or trampoline. Adding this coverage is quite simple, but you need to have the policy included before an injury occurs. Know what your insurance policy does for you by getting good information.