How to Protect Your Staffing Agency and Clients Against Crime

temporary staffing insurance

You want to believe that you can trust all of your employees, but what happens when that trust is violated? It is important to have crime coverage as part of your temporary staffing insurance. This coverage is designed to compensate for any loss resulting from a criminal act for both you and your client.

Types of Crime Covered

Theft by employees is one of the most common transgressions covered. Insuring against embezzlement can at least help cover the cost of what was stolen, if not the loss of confidence in the employee. A stellar crime insurance policy can cover the fallout of other crimes as well:

  • Extortion
  • Identity theft
  • Computer fraud
  • Intellectual property theft
  • Kidnapping

Responsibility to Your Clients

A staffing agency is in a unique position. Its employees are also workers in its clients’ organizations. By placing them there, you are vouching for them and should take responsibility if they do something wrong. A temporary staffing insurance policy that includes crime insurance allows you to do just that. It does not just protect you from the illegal acts of a wayward employee; it protects your clients from those acts as well.

When trust is broken, you want to ensure that you do everything you can to restore it as soon as possible. When evaluating your insurance needs, be sure to include a policy that protects you and your business partners from crime.