Innovative Water Treatment Programs

Population centers in the U.S. continue to grow and many of those centers are in water-poor areas. From Southern California to the deserts of Nevada and Arizona, water treatment programs have to innovate to meet the increased need. Below are two programs that are leading the way in finding the water for tomorrow

Decentralized Gray Water Treatment Incentives

In the past, gray water usage was usually a DIY setup. People who lived on well systems knew the value of water and would set up systems to recover water from showers and washing machines to water landscaping and gardens. With the rise of gray water technology, water recycling is for everyone. Cities like Tucson are offering a gray water rebate toward the cost of gray water irrigation systems. These systems can recover up to 31% of household water use, saving the customer money and taking a load off the water utility.

Greening of the Water Structure

From the reintroduction of wetlands in the Las Vegas Wash that improve water quality to individual efforts like rooftop gardens, green is the future of water infrastructure. Water treatment programs are going green to better utilize storm runoff and prevent flooding.

Innovation can mean risk for water treatment programs. With the correct insurance, they can continue to create and offer water innovations that make clean water available to everyone.