Keys to Successful Insurance Website Design

Keys to Successful Insurance Website Design

Most people buying products and services online use the Internet for either shopping or doing product research, and they often don’t want to spend too much time doing it. The problem with most insurance websites is that they fail to give prospects exactly what they’re looking for. They often give them too much to look at, which leads to an overload of information and a quick exit.

Insurance Website Design is important, as most leading marketing experts will tell you. They cite the fact that crowded pages filled with extraneous information and gimmicks that you might feel will appeal to visitors actually ends up driving people away. Here are a few ways to help you to keep an Insurance Website Design simple, and hopefully also get more people to eventually be converted into solid leads.

Make sure that each page has only one objective

Offering information specific to their needs and desires will help to keep visitors from pressing the “back” button. Make sure each page has a main focus, because if what they’ve visited your website for is hidden or difficult to find, they’ll quickly leave. That’s why it’s vital to strip away all the clutter that obstructs them from their primary goal.

Assign an offer intended for that audience

If you want visitors to the homepage to submit their information for online health quotes, then make sure that’s what that page’s main theme is. By offering life or travel insurance info on this page that overshadows this you’re creating distractions. Decide the type of visitors you want to market a page to, then make sure the main offer is the one they’re most likely to want, letting other offers take a backseat.

Highlight the one call to action

Using Flash animations is one way to make the call to action obvious, but make it tasteful. Remember that there’s a difference between pleasant advertising and using unwarranted, unprofessional images. The main objective is to call attention to an offer with a related image that instantly draws the visitor to it.

Write action-oriented copy

Copy should convey the benefit the visitor will get by taking action, for example, “Comparing quotes will aid you in finding ‘The Right Plan For You'”. Insurance Website Design, when done well, can turn potential customers into clients which will increase your business and profitability.