Lack of Communication and Lawyer Professional Liability Insurance

Lack of Communication and Lawyer Professional Liability Insurance

Most attorneys take pride in their profession of choice and do their upmost to provide the best services to their clients. After all, when someone is in need of legal advice or representation, they are usually full of worry and concern. Part of a lawyer’s job is to make the client feel that they will be well represented and that the person they have hired will do everything in their power to bring the matter to a favorable conclusion.


Where the problem may lie is in the fact that the attorney, for whatever reason, might fail to do a proper job. This could be due to a heavy workload, or it could be that a mistake occurs, such as filing a document late, or forgetting to file a document at all. This is where lawyer professional liability insurance comes into play. Attorneys, when threatened with a lawsuit for malpractice, or other liability issues, need the protection of this brand of insurance to avoid losing their practice, or even their personal assets.


Disgruntled clients may overreact


While an attorney may be doing everything properly, his or her clients can still become discouraged and frustrated when they feel their attorney is not doing his or her best job with regards to their case. This is the main reason that clients have issues with their legal professionals and why this sort of problem can result in a legal malpractice claim.


Lack of communication


While there are several ways in which to communicate information, and that includes cell phones, Internet, email, texting and smart phones, many clients still have communication issues with their attorneys. If an attorney fails to return repeated phone calls or emails, he or she may be found guilty of violating their ethical responsibility of communication.


After several attempts to communicate with their attorney, a client may write a firmly written letter inquiring about any communication problems. If the attorney responds by saying they have been working on another case, or tending to a sick relative, this may sit well with the client, or may only aggravate the situation further, which could lead to longer periods of silence, which may result in a lawsuit being filed.


Giving the client the full attention they feel they deserve often leads to a better attorney-client relationship. But if the situation only worsens over time, it is highly recommended that all attorneys purchase lawyer professional liability insurance coverage long before this type of situation arises.


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