Make Sure You Have Dog Bite Homeowners Insurance Coverage

Make Sure You Have Dog Bite Homeowners Insurance Coverage

It’s an unfortunate reality that many pet owners don’t want to face, but the fact is that dog bites are far more common, as well as costly, than many people may even realize. If your homeowner’s insurance policy doesn’t cover dog bites, even a minor injury could cause you an unwanted financial strain.

Another cause for concern are rising medical expenses, along with sizeable legal settlements, which are two of the main factors that are driving up the significant increase in the cost of dog bite claims. Therefore it’s very important that homeowners take the necessary steps to limit their financial exposure by investing in dog bite homeowners insurance.

Some homeowner’s policies don’t provide coverage for dog bites

The problem is, not all homeowner’s insurance policies cover costs associated with dog bites, and even those that do often exclude certain breeds thought to be dangerous or an added risk, like Pit Bulls, Rottweilers and Doberman Pinschers. There are insurers in Florida offering dog-bite liability insurance. This type of “covered canine” policy generally lets dog owners buy $50,000, $75,000 or $100,000 in dog-bite liability insurance with no breeds excluded.

Your insurance agent may even suggest, regardless of whether your standard homeowner’s policy covers dog bites or not, that you consider purchasing umbrella insurance coverage, as this will provide added protection in the event that the incident results in a severe injury requiring payment of huge medical bills. Some dog bites have even been known to cause the victim to experience long-term nerve damage to the inflicted area.

Even owners of a small dog should have dog bite homeowners insurance coverage for their pets at all times, because all dogs can potentially bite someone, and the bite could become infected. Since the law treats any subsequent infection as a result of the initial dog bite you could potentially be on the hook for thousands of dollars in related medical expenses.

Remember that, because some homeowner’s and renter’s policies may omit coverage for dogs you should make sure that you check with your agent or broker to ensure the coverage is there and available. Never be unsure about what you’re covered for.