Managing Event Security To Protect Your Business

Even the best-planned events have notable risks. Unfortunately, in today’s climate, security risks can be significant at events large and small. But alongside the need to protect attendees and staff from security threats, security workers must also be conscious of their own event security liability and what risks they may face in the event of a lawsuit. As a business owner, event planner, or other professional associated with holding an event, you should be aware of potential risks, ways to mitigate risk, and carry comprehensive event insurance to protect your business and event attendees.

What To Consider When Planning Event Security

Details of event security will differ depending on event type and venue. One immediate consideration is whether the venue or a third-party will provide security; whoever offers security may have unique event security liability policies to consider.

Understanding the spectrum of liability is also important. You may risk being held liable if there is a security incident at the event that results in injury. However, security personnel can sometimes be held liable if they injure or harm someone in the effort to mitigate a security threat.

Ultimately, working with a reputable insurer will help design an event insurance policy that is sensible for you. An experienced insurer can also help you put protocols into place to mitigate risk.