Product Safety and San Francisco Bakery Insurance

Bakery Stand

Concerns over food borne illnesses are growing rapidly. There are constant reports of food recalls on the news, and many markets, restaurants, and even bakeries are being singled out for products they sell which cause patrons and customers to become ill due to unsanitary handling, or in some cases, the items are tainted long before they reach the retailers.


Bakery owners in the Bay Area depend on their managers and clerks to provide customer service and satisfaction, and these people are the first line of defense against the serving and selling of tainted goods. They must inspect the products to ensure they are of high quality and be on the lookout for any suspicious looking items that may pose a threat to the safety of their clients. San Francisco bakery insurance will be vital should an unfortunate instance occur where a bakery treat is the cause of severe illness to those consuming these delicious items.


A bakery clerk is generally responsible for the quality of the goods being baked in-house, making sure that only the freshest ingredients are being used. In addition, he or she must oversee the preparation of baked goods and other items for sale, as well as proper food handling procedures and government regulations regarding codes must be followed to the letter.


The training of employees on proper food handling techniques, workplace safety guidelines and personal hygiene procedures are all important aspects of a well-run bakery, and will greatly reduce the likelihood of contamination of food products. Employees suffering cuts should know what should be done in this event, and should be removed from actively dealing with food products until the situation is remedied.


Bakery managers should make sure that these common practices are being followed:


  • Supervision of food handling, packaging and handling practices per customer request


  • Monitoring and controlling hazards, such as spillage, cross-contamination, ingestion of toxins and the like


  • Guiding the safe operation of food preparation equipment


  • Evaluating the sanitization of food preparation and serving equipment and work areas


  • Recommending solutions to improve any current food preparation issues, and


  • Conducting risk assessments to ensure the safety of food handling and delivery


Bakeries provide a great service for those hosting parties, functions and other social events. After all, many people enjoy these sweet treats and it could be tragic if the proper care and concern does not go into making certain that these foods are free from any carcinogens, toxins or other illness inducing agents. San Francisco bakery insurance protects consumers and business owners alike.


photo credit: PetitPlat – Stephanie Kilgast cc