Protecting Your Business With Boat Builders’ Insurance

Among the construction sub-industries, boat building is a unique trade with a unique set of risks and potential liabilities. Boat builders must contend with the complexity of the construction and sea trial process, while simultaneously dealing with specific environmental conditions. Carrying comprehensive boat builders risk insurance is an important part of protecting your construction operation, as well as your workers and your clients.

What Types of Insurance Do Boat Builders Require?

Coverage specifics tend to vary widely, depending on the specific type of craft you build, the environmental conditions of your construction site, the caliber and experience of your workers, and many other factors. Tailoring an effective policy for a given business may mean taking into account the following areas of coverage:

  • Property coverage for business premises, equipment, vehicles, and docks and piers — including coverage stemming from severe weather events
  • A variety of liability coverages, including general liability, pollution liability, ship repairers liability, and other policies to protect you in the event of a lawsuit
  • Various employee coverages, including workers compensation, Jones Act coverage, and other coverages that may vary by location

In short, the complexity of the boat building profession necessitates a wide umbrella of coverage. Speaking to an experienced insurer can help your business and its workers stay safe, fiscally sustainable, and able to deliver the best for your clients.