Resourceful Marketing Ideas for Insurance Agents

marketing ideas for insurance agents

There are things that independent agents must know and do in order to achieve long-term success in the insurance industry. For some it’s finding what advertising techniques work best for their business in their geographical area, for others it’s finding creative ways to generate leads. The one common thread is investing in, or discovering marketing ideas for insurance agents that will garner the desired results.

Any success (or lack thereof) is totally dependent on developing a sound contact marketing strategy consisting of a number of resources, including free reports, telemarketing, newsletters, joint ventures and even special events, such as workshops and other educational formats designed to build a relationship with your ideal prospects, both now and into the future.

Size doesn’t necessarily matter

It isn’t necessarily the size of your company that determines whether or not you’re going to be a candidate for someone looking into insurance services. Your primary marketing goal should be to become known as the most respected and trusted adviser in your local community. Not only is this a much easier route to take, but also it’s more cost-efficient for you to get known in your local community, verses traversing throughout an entire city, county or state.

Take the time to establish and understand your primary geographic market area. Identify your area of interest by zip code, county, neighborhood or other parameters and help yourself to better understand the prospects that live there. Work on developing an insurance marketing campaign to promote relevant offerings based on events that may be happening within your community, and make sure to include new home buyers, births, and marriages all happening in this area. Target your products and services specifically to these events.

Create a bio sheet and use a professional photo, sharing both your professional resume as well as personal information on what makes you unique within the financial services industry. Make it a point to identify the problems you’ve solved for your clients during all of your years of experience. Your bio sheet should highlight how you’ve helped people and why prospects should want to work with you. Being a local hero is a great idea and using the right marketing ideas for insurance agents can help you achieve your goals.