Restaurant Owners Workers Compensation Offers Viable Protection

Restaurant Owners Workers Compensation Offers Viable Protection

There’s no shortage of potential hazards and risks that employees in the food service industry face. From slipping on wet floors, to suffering grease burns, to throwing out their backs from lifting heavy equipment, food service employees could be harmed on the job doing a multitude of work-related duties.


For owners of these businesses, it is a necessity to carry restaurant owners workers compensation insurance to protect injured workers. Food service businesses turn to their workers’ comp policy to safeguard against the high cost of on-the-job injuries and risks. This valuable coverage protects the┬árestaurant, deli, cafe, or catering business and its employees from the uncertainties associated with this line of work.


Protecting food service employees needs to be a priority


The quick pace of running a restaurant or catering business means that wait staff, chefs, baristas, and bartenders can easily become the victim of an unforeseen, split-second accident. From slick kitchen floors to broken glass and sharp knives, food business employees are constantly exposed to harmful situations on a continual basis. And regardless of the extent of safety training or other means of risk management, food service managers know accidents happen all the time, even to the most experienced workers.


Workers’ compensation (WC) insurance is a business protection policy that helps to offset some of the unavoidable risks that restaurant staff may face. Should an employee be injured at work, and a claim is filed, it can protect the business by providing the necessary funds to cover the medical expenses associated with that injury and any lost wages an employee experiences while recovering.


Additionally, this coverage also provides for the cost of lawsuits and settlements if the employee decides to sue the business. Most states currently require WC insurance for all businesses with employees, but the extent of the coverage varies from state to state. An agent with experience insuring food-service businesses can help to determine how much WC coverage is adequate for a particular business, given its current situation.


Also known as “workers’ liability insurance,” some WC policies also include Employers’ Practices Liability Insurance as a safeguard against the lawsuits that tend to accompany job-related accidents. This policy can help pay for legal costs, even if the lawsuit is meritless, the business will still be covered for the court costs and attorney fees associated with defending against the claim. Without proper restaurant owners workers compensation coverage, the attorney’s fees alone can be enough to bankrupt a small business.


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