Safety Guidelines for Marina Operations Management

Safety must be a top priority in a marina’s general operations. They must assure full compliance with all applicable laws and regulations pertaining to use of the premises, fire codes, and environmental protection orders. Here are some key guidelines concerning operational safety compliance for marinas.


Performing general maintenance duties with regularity can assure that the area is free of any hazards that can cause patrons to fall. Maintenance personnel should perform inspections to affirm that surfaces are even and provide sufficient traction.


Signage advising patrons to use caution and refrain from unsafe activities are necessary to put people on notice of important safety considerations.  “No swimming” is an example of an essential warning to display conspicuously.

Fire Prevention

Despite proximity to water, the presence of large vessels as well as fuel storage and delivery systems may create fire hazards in marinas. Depending on local regulations, marinas may need to have extinguishers or hoses available every fifty or one hundred feet. Also, emergency responders must be able to gain access to a facility with ease.


The infrastructure of a marina must be sufficient to withstand extreme weather events such as a hurricane. All docking systems should comply with recent code.

Everyone working at a marina must understand their individual responsibilities in keeping the premises safe. Good managerial policies and practices can prevent serious accidents.