Social Media and Insurance Marketing Strategies

Insurance Marketing Strategies

When devising a marketing plan nowadays you must factor in social media as a way to increase awareness of your brand and build an audience. Agencies are faced with a unique challenge when it comes to Insurance Marketing Strategies. The idea is to find useful ways to make their services and products as appealing, if not more so, than those of their competitors.

One important aspect of the plan should be to develop a local brand identity while delivering on the larger insurance brand’s promise, as well as demonstrating positive customer experience. For one thing, social media is a valuable tool for getting the word out about many of the newest services and plans, as well as discounts that are available, but an agent also has the opportunity to make a name for his or herself as a local expert within their communities.

Things Agents Need To Consider When Developing A Social Media Strategy

You have to set reasonable expectations when it comes to implementing social media. Those who may be new to social media need to realize that it’s important to understand your place in the social landscape which can help you to determine which channels are right for your firm.

For example, what platforms do you feel that your customers (and potential customers) already use and which of these provides the best channel to deliver your message? Many of the newer platforms (like Instagram, Snapchat, and Vine) likely won’t be a good fit for the audience you wish to engage, so perhaps it would be better to focus on more traditional platforms like Facebook and Twitter with which to engage your users. Keep in mind it’s best no to stray too far beyond your realm. Write and post articles related to coverage’s you offer, but also additionally write about things not necessarily about insurance, but angled to that specific core audience.

Remember that, since social media enables two-way communication, use it as a way to answer some general questions about policies, but any questions having to do with personal account or claim information should be directed to a more personal channel, like via phone or email. Regardless what the question is, respond to customers as promptly as possible. When you make it a point to do so, customers will see that you’re committed to providing quality customer service.

Social media as a part of your Insurance Marketing Strategies shouldn’t feel complicated. By using the right strategy and tools, any agent can use social media to establish themselves as a local expert within their community.