Southern Oak Insurance Brokers & Equipment Breakdown Coverage

Southern Oak Insurance Brokers & Equipment Breakdown Coverage

With all of the new electronic systems being used in restaurants, these businesses are at an even higher risk for power surges and electrical arcing. Losses from the breakdown of these systems can be quite significant, making equipment breakdown coverage for many restaurants rather critical and no longer an option.

Take a little time to check your restaurant insurance policy and see if you currently have equipment breakdown coverage because, if the systems were to ever malfunction – at that time it will be too late to go back and add the coverage.

Southern Oak Insurance Brokers can provide you with excellent products that deal with these exact situations. The concerns go far beyond just the breakdown of heating or air conditioning systems. With rapid technological changes in the restaurant industry, there are obviously new areas of concern that should be considered when reviewing your restaurant insurance policy.

Business interruption can be very costly

Take a minute to think about some of the new technologies that you may have added to your restaurant in the past few years that you now rely on for smooth daily operations. It’s likely you would have trouble doing without any of these for an extended period of time. Now imagine how much it would cost you to replace lost income due to the breakdown of this equipment.

For example, many restaurants now use sophisticated, computer based cash registers that integrate with point of sale software systems. If this system were to break down the losses could be substantial, you may actually find it difficult to remain open.

There are other areas of concern as well, such as having a commercial grade sound system, or an inventory scanner system, or even a time clock and payroll system integrated into your computer system. This is the electronic digital age we’re living in, and if any one of these systems goes down, your restaurant could be crippled and the loss of revenue attempting to get your systems back up and running again could be quite substantial.

This is too important to your livelihood to let go unchecked. Let Southern Oak Insurance Brokers look at your current situation and see where the gaps in coverage may lie and help you to get the protection that you need.