Steer Clear of Danger at the Dog Park

Florida Dog Bite Insurance

Going to the dog park on a beautiful, sunny day in the Sunshine State is time well spent with man’s best friend. There’s nothing like getting out in an open space and being able to stretch your legs, run around and toss a Frisbee or a tennis ball with your pet, and just enjoy some fresh air and exercise. Of course, it’s important to know the rules of the road – or the park, in this case – or risk an unfortunate altercation that can not only threaten to ruin your whole day but get you and your furry friend ejected from the park and facing a Florida dog bite insurance claim.

What can go wrong?

Most parks have posted rules regarding off-leash policies, cleanup after elimination on park property, hours of operation, and so on. Others may have size restrictions to keep animals of similar size segregated from smaller or larger pets to help avoid injuries. Dogs that have a history of aggression toward either others of their kind or people are best kept on a leash and simply taken for a walk; no need to court a court case. That’s what happened with Sandy Weaver, whose day out with her doggie turned into a major situation when her very protective chow bit a beagle that came, in her view, too close to her beloved owner.

The attack was over in less than 15 seconds, but in that short time, the smaller animal sustained injuries to his jaw and ear that required major surgery that cost several thousand dollars, and the dog’s owner even sustained a bite on the hand when he tried to separate the two animals. Had Sandy not had Florida dog bite insurance, she would have had to pay out of pocket to cover the beagle’s veterinary expenses and the owner’s medical expenses to have his hand checked out. Fortunately the owner of the injured dog, while upset, decided not to sue, or the cost could have been even more.

Don’t take a walk on the wild side

The moral of the story: Enjoy trips to the dog park, but follow the rules and be vigilant concerning the behavior of your own pet and other animals around you and your furry friend. And talk to a professional agent to learn about coverage for the risks that you face as a pet owner.