The Value of Comprehensive Architect Insurance

While many people think of contractors and construction workers as being the primary individuals responsible for a building project, architects play an essential role from start to finish in the building and design process. The complexity of their role is one vital reason why carrying comprehensive architect insurance is a necessity for architectural professionals and firms.

What Risks Do Architects Face?

While planning is the cornerstore of solid architectural design, the unplanned frequently does occur. Over the course of a project, architects may be faced with unexpected budgetary issues, unique structural considerations that arise in the course of building, zoning and regulatory hurdles, and other unforseen challenges.

What Does Architect Insurance Cover?

Protection in the event of unexpected contingencies can be enormously helpful for architects. While policies may vary depending on sub-industry, architect insurance will typically cover some or all of the following:

  • General liability, covering damages for which an architect may be deemed responsible
  • Workers compensation for firm employees or contractors
  • Pollution coverage, vital in the event of unexpected spills or run-off
  • Commercial auto insurance

In short, unique hazards exist for architects working on building projects, and various liabilities may arise. Working with an experienced insurance agency will ensure your architectural film is well-protected in the event that something unexpected occurs.