Things Can Raise Your Home Insurance Premiums

home insurance in Connecticut

Like most homeowners, you are looking for the most reasonable rate on home insurance. You may browse various websites, obtain quotes and talk to insurance brokers. The quote is only part of the story; there are many factors that could raise the cost of home insurance in Connecticut, and some are things you may not have considered before. The following can affect your insurance rate:

  • Home’s age
  • Location
  • Number of claims
  • A Second home

About the Property

There are details about the property that may cause you to pay more than you expected for home insurance. You may be thrilled to have purchased an historic home, but keep in mind that the older a house is, the more you will have to pay for home insurance in Connecticut. The plumbing and wiring in old houses tend to cause problems and require repairs. If the property is located in a high-crime area or a place that is vulnerable to natural disasters, that is another factor.

About the Owner

If you have filed a number of home insurance claims in the past, your premiums may be higher. In addition, your credit rating can affect the amount you pay for home insurance in Connecticut. A secondary home or a vacation property can carry higher insurance premiums, because people are not there all the time to spot problems.