Transportation Industry Delivery Challenges

motor truck cargo insurance

The long-haul truckers are the unsung heroes of the American economy. Without their persistence, caution, and efficiency, many stores would be unable to meet the public’s demands for goods and services. Getting a load from Point A to Point B carries inherent risks, and as a contracted or for-hire driver, motor truck cargo insurance is a necessity to ensure your services aren’t rendered useless by a damaged load.

Cargo Liability Problems

Signing a contract for delivery an item places the liability for any damage or destruction to the cargo squarely in your lap.

While you may carry a general liability policy for your operations, these only cover things like the following:

A customer slipping or falling at your location
Errors in delivery, which result in damage
Actions of the driver while loading, unloading, or at truck stops
Slander or libel
Fire on the account of insured’s error

To cover the physical material of your transport is the job of a motor truck cargo insurance policy. This coverage is designed to address the risks of specific loads, in relation to weight, type of material, and even the distance carried.
Dealing with an insurance broker who has significant experience with trucking insurance will be the best way to ensure you have enough coverage for your operations. Failing to identify the exclusions and inclusions of a cargo policy can leave you stranded in the event of the damaged load.