Ways to Reduce Dog Bite Liability Insurance Costs

dog owner liability insurance

Dog owners must face the fact that owning an animal that exhibits aggressive behavior towards people and other animals is a huge problem. Certain breeds are known for displaying extreme assertiveness in their behavior. This can be due to experiences as a puppy that can influence aggressiveness as adults, but genetics sometimes plays a key role in this particular problem. Dogs tend to be influenced by their owner’s temperament just as often. With larger dogs the seriousness of this problem can be a real issue.

Concerns about dog bite liabilities shouldn’t be downplayed. It’s a known fact that the dogs involved in many instances are family pets, rather than strays or runaways, and also more than two-thirds of dog bites happen to people whom the dog has been acquainted with in the past. If you own a dog, regardless of the breed, you need to have dog owner liability insurance coverage to protect you in the event that they harm or injure someone.

Socialization helps with behavior modification

More than half of the dog bites occur to the very young and the very old and almost half of all bites to children are on areas of the face. Many claims made against homeowner’s insurance policies are due to dog bites. At an early age, puppies develop bonds and sensitivity to the people and animals in their lives. A puppy needs to be exposed to positive interaction with dogs during this period. In order to be comfortable with people they should be allowed to interact with other humans as well. If the socialization process is delayed until the puppy is twelve weeks old or older then the dog may never be relaxed or interactive with people or other dogs.

Obedience training by every member of the family, especially if there are children in the household, can help prevent problems from developing. As they grow older, some dogs naturally show aggressive behavior by barking at strangers and guarding the family and its property, and this is normal. While they are, basically loving pets, they simply have a very strong natural urge to be aggressive. If not kept in check, they could lash out and cause injury to an unsuspecting victim. A dog owner liability insurance policy will aid you when such a situation arises.